Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ghazal of Diminishment

Waves on the shore will recede & wane.
The wind's song through the reed will wane.

Rapid air rushes through its dark mane--
But the endurance of the steed will wane.

Pressed deeply in a web of roots,
The striving of the seed will wane.

Mist quavers on a blade of grass--
& dew, its delicate bead, will wane.

It dissolves in a galaxy's hub--
Mortal comet whose speed will wane.

Orpheus can sing only of despair,
For love's searing need won't wane.

Cooing in cages before a pageant--
Now, in the distance, the freed doves wane.

This body (vessel forsaking the world)
Will let the breath concede & wane.

First published in Pebble Lake Review (2006)

1 comment:

Nicola Masciandaro said...

Relentless waning, unending entropy!